Talkative Parents rides the ‘new normal’ wave in education with a fully integrated EdTech platform

Yara Technologies (Pvt) Ltd [“Yara”], a Google for Education Integrated Solutions Initiative Partner, successfully conducted a webinar on “Learning with Google, During the Pandemic and Beyond” on April 8th, 2021.

A distinguished panel of senior educators in Sri Lanka comprising of Asanka Perera (Sub Warden S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia), Malith Kumarasinghe, (Coordinating Principal, Wycherley International School), Prof. Harshana Rambukwella (Director, Post Graduate Institute of English) along with the Yara Technologies inhouse data scientist Gamika Seneviratne discussed how Google Classroom (“Classroom”) plays a critical role in supporting educators in Sri Lanka enabling students to continue their education during the pandemic and the future role of “Classroom” in a blended classroom environment in the post-pandemic era. The webinar was attended by educators, school administrators and students predominantly from Sri Lanka along with attendees from India and Africa.

Mr Asanka Perera discussed the challenges faced by the school system as a whole during the pandemic era due to the abrupt closure of schools in March 2020, and how S. Thomas’ College, Mount Lavina successfully overcame the same by implementing “Classroom”. He stated, “We continue to use “Classroom” and want to expand, bringing tools available to the physical classroom and make it as creative as possible.” Furthermore, Mr Perera shared insights on the blended learning model, which is still evolving

as we look beyond the pandemic. He pointed towards a possible operating model with physical classes and online classes being conducted in a staggered manner for alternate grades.

Mr Malith Kumarasinghe thanked the teachers for the immensely important role played during the pandemic and went on to state that “Classroom”

Should be used in developing nations, as it helps drive digital adaptation in the general population, hence it is a ‘must-have.’ At the same time, the rate of implementation needs to be decided by each college based on resource availability and the nature of the respective school community.

Professor Harshana Rambukwella shared the opinion that during the post-pandemic era “a certain aspect of university education would be increasingly delivered online, and that would create a cross border university system.”

Mr Gamika Seneviratne discussed an overall outlook of the latest AI trends currently being developed for education including adaptive learning, smart content, and admin automation. He then elaborated on the integration between the “Talkative Parents’ Education Technology platform and “Classroom”.

Gamika further explained how the Yara Technologies integration with “Classroom” helps schools to use artificial intelligence for data analytics and also obtain student key performance indicators (KPIs) via Talkative Parents EdTech platform. The other benefits include enabling educators to set up e-classes, assign and review homework and seamlessly conduct video classes all in a simplified, easy to use manner.

Talkative Parents” [“TP”] EdTech platform, connects educators, teachers, parents and students through one integrated platform consisting of Communication Platform (cross channel), Online School Fees Payments, e-Learning and Data Analytics. With features such as controlled two-way communication between schools, educators, and parents (i.e. entire school, class/section wise or particular parent), cross-channel communication has resulted in time efficiencies, cost savings and reduction in administrative burden for schools. The platform is fast becoming popular amongst both large schools and pre-schools in
Sri Lanka.