Mental and Physical Wellbeing Webinar

Webinar on Physical, Mental & Eye Health of Children during the Pandemic

Value Proposition

Controlled Hierarchical Communication

Communication is completely controlled by the School

Cross-Channel Communication

Deliver messages across App, SMS, Email via a unified platform

High Privacy & Private Messaging

Targeted messaging to registered groups, subgroups and individuals

Integrated Virtual Classroom

Easily setup integrated classroom

School Fee Payments

Automated fee payment forms and reminders

AI and Automation

Student performance analytics and automated KPI triggers


Digital Advertising for your target audience

Cost Efficiencies

Cost efficiencies over traditional mono-channel methods


Low data consumption/ accessibility via low cost device

Proven Track Record with 7,000+ users

Today we hardly send out paper notices and instantaneously we are in touch with all parents. Talkative Parents has proved to be a blessing. We have been fortunate to have Talkative Parents and the team working  with the School. There have been times when there were sudden changes to school life and we breathed a sigh of relief because the app came to our rescue in contacting parents.

Rev. Dushantha Rodrigo

Head Master, S.Thomas' Preparatory School

Talkative Parents is a very useful App which allows us to communicate with ease. It is user-friendly and reliable and the tech-support has been very good.

Mrs. Sharmila Gunatilleke

Principal, Bishop’s College Colombo

The Talkative Parents app is a very effective and efficient way of communicating with parents instantly. Being able to rely on the app has made our job so much easier. The tech support team is very efficient and helpful.


Marjorie De Alwis International Kindergarten

Talkative Parents: School’s Digital Comminication Platform

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